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Committed to Your Oral Health

Our goal is to help you keep your teeth for life through a partnership aimed at high quality care, prevention and oral health education.

Why Hide It? Patient Ratings and Comments

We make it easy for you to learn what others think about their experience with a dentist or an office. Patients like you consistently rate us between 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

You’re invited to look up any of our dentists, or offices, on this website to see their star ratings and comments.

“I was very impressed with the attitude and knowledge of every member of staff I encountered. Thank them all on my behalf.”

Portland – Lents | Oregon

 “My hygienist is the best hygienist I have ever had. She was very good at explaining everything before she did it, and was very gentle.”

Kent | Washington

“I had an extraordinarily positive experience with this dentist. He was very thorough and took the time to explain things to me very well. I would highly recommend this particular dentist to any friends or family.”

Olympia | Washington  

Dentistry Redefined

We believe healthy teeth should last a lifetime and that proper care doesn’t always mean invasive treatments. We practice evidence-based dentistry to end the disease-repair cycle. 

This means we partner with you so you have all the knowledge that you need to practice healthy oral habits.
We practice dentistry responsibly. We don’t recommend unnecessary treatments or upsell cosmetic dentistry.

Dentistry Simplified

We employ our dental providers, own our offices and provide our own insurance products — all in one company. This equals an easy way for you to navigate care and insurance coverage.


We Provide the Care You’ll Need

Our multi-specialty practice begins with your choice of general dentist from one of our conveniently located offices to establish your routine, consistent care. If specialty care is necessary, we offer all the dental specialties as well.

Quality Care from Quality Providers

We employ, and keep, only top quality dental providers across all of our locations so you can be sure you’ll receive the best care possible. And, we prove it too by listing our provider star ratings on our website.

None of our general dentists are compensated by the number of high priced procedures they perform. Instead, they are rewarded by improving your oral health, educating you on home care, making timely appointments available, and doing their best to make you happy with the experience.

What to Expect at Your First Visit

During your first visit, you’ll receive a thorough dental exam that includes X-rays and a comprehensive risk assessment. Your dentist will develop a Proactive Dental Care Plan based on your current and long-term oral health goals. The plan will include recommendations for cleanings, restorations and preventive treatments.

Plan Ahead. You’ll likely get a cleaning on your first visit based on the dentist’s assessment. If oral health issues are apparent we believe in doing tomorrow’s work today – we’ll do our best to provide treatment at that time rather than asking you to return another day.


Convenient Locations

We have nearly 50 locations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. A team of highly trained, experienced dental care providers are in your community to provide integrated, quality care.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Just call 855-433-6825 for appointment scheduling with ease for any of our offices.
We strive to offer timely appointments that fit within your lifestyle.

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