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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Ensuring all employees, patients, and business clients are heard, valued, respected, and appreciated.

Willamette Dental Group envisions a clinical practice that reflects the communities we serve, lifts the voices of lived experiences at all intersections, and provides fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee develops and promotes strategies and best practices within the realms of racial, social, sexual, and gender diversity.



“Through celebrating and learning about one another’s differences we continue to create a home where we are seen in a light that is becoming of our individual character. Demonstrating care and empathy is ingrained into the essence of Willamette Dental.”

- Dr. Nicholas Skourtes, Vice President of Willamette Dental & Executive Sponsor of the Sustainability Affinity Group

Our Core Commitments

Our Core Commitments are incredibly important to us as they represent our values and how we treat one another. 



I respect the dignity and recognize the value of each person as demonstrated through my compassion.


I express interest to learn and listen to the perspective and experiences of others in a respectful manner, knowing that communication styles differ.


I embrace and advocate for diversity and give voice to those that are rarely heard.


I bring joy, celebration and appreciation to diversity in the workplace.

2023 Employee Voice Award Winner - DEI Champion

Willamette Dental was recognized for its dedication to diversity, equity & inclusion by winning the 2023 Employee Voice Award from Quantum Workplace for the fifth time*. The DEI Champion Award category was created specifically for Willamette Dental to recognize its significant work on DEI initiatives. The Employee Voice Award program recognizes organizations that prioritize their people and are dedicated to making sure their employees feel valued, heard, and connected to the organization.
*Previous years we won the Employee Voice Award are 2012, 2016, 2017, and 2019.

Willamette Dental's Approach to Health Equity Begins with Addressing Systemic Racism for our Members, Employees, and Communities

One key to reducing racial health disparities is the connection of a diverse healthcare workforce. DEI has been proven to build a safer and happier working environment when employees trust that they will be treated fairly.

The DEI direction of Inclusivity echoes Willamette Dental’s mission, as it seeks to partner with diverse patients by evidence and brain science, which could lead to improved health equity, thus reducing disparities in Black and brown communities. As history demonstrates, improving racial equity benefits everyone. 


Addressing Health Care Inequity

Understanding the underlying causes, signs, and symptoms of disease is the key to successfully treating patients. Cultural biases impede the diagnostic process and result in health care inequity across communities that are both served and  underserved by the dental profession and manifest as disparities in oral health. Willamette Dental is advancing DEI to improve oral health outcomes. 

By taking the time to understand and reject the historical underpinnings of ideologies that create an oppressive environment, we are embracing the change needed to guide compassionate, dynamic teams to deliver equitable care.

Kris Holgerson_SQ


“It is our responsibility as a community to extend a hand and ensure that we work together as a collective whole to better ensure an equitable and inclusive environment at Willamette Dental.”

- Kris Holgerson, Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Executive Sponsor of the American Indian Affinity Group

Getting Involved

Our multi-disciplinary DEI Committee supports and facilitates formal affinity groups, including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, people with varying abilities, and veterans.

Employees are encouraged to join these affinity groups and participate in related events to further move our inclusion efforts forward and elevate our practice’s reputation in the community.

Affinity Groups at Willamette Dental

The African American Collaborator Network’s mission is to improve the quality of life by empowering and embracing African Americans and people of color. We will use our platform to advocate and bring awareness to Willamette Dental to improve the quality of life within our company. AACN is a place where people connect, convene, and bring about healing and education to all who are interested in doing the work.

In our commitment to diversity and equity, the Asian American and Pacific Islander Affinity Group is an inclusive and safe space to share thoughts and receive support. We will work to increase awareness and education of the AAPI identity so that everyone feels valued and motivated. Through collaboration and active engagement, we want our members to be confident and equitable advocates of equality within Willamette, as well as allies within their served communities.

The Hispanic Origin & Latin American Collective (HOLA) stands for representation, awareness, and a sense of community. We strive to make diversity and inclusion intentional while upholding integrity and promoting a positive impact. Our purpose is to give a voice to the Latin and Hispanic community within the organization, provide resources, awareness and support. Our goal is to create a sense of belonging, educate our peers, and expose them to our culture to better support each other and our patients. We are a group that celebrates our diverse background and heritage, while advocating for our patients and promoting our culture within the workplace.

The purpose of the WDG P.R.I.D.E group is to support the LGBTQ+ Community and Allies at Willamette Dental, while increasing accessibility to resources, building a safe employee network, and promoting education around diverse issues.  

To create usable, inclusive, and sustainable environments, we have two functions. 

  1. To ensure that all of WDG is accessible and inclusive to people with disabilities via accommodations related to communication, the physical environment, print materials, and technology. 
  2. To advance the dignity, equity, opportunities, and self-determination of people with disabilities 

The Veteran’s WAG is looking to harness the unique perspective of our Military Veterans to foster deeper connections to embrace our proud community of employee veterans who support and encourage each other through shared experiences, career development, outward engagement, and professional growth.

The Women’s Affinity Group is committed to the empowerment of women across the organization by providing opportunities for women to connect and support each other.

We practice inclusivity and equality by facilitating interactions and organizing activities that support the sustained conversation about women in the workplace. We will advocate for true equality by adding the power of our voices to forums and events as champions of women equality.

We will promote the Women’s Affinity Group culture by providing resources, networking opportunities, and information for those interested in further promoting women in the workplace.

To integrate both business and sustainability priorities so that Willamette Dental can thrive. Our aim is to reduce resource use, waste and emissions, to help the environment, and save money too. We recognize that our patients can benefit from a sustainably focused dental practice and that our efforts will show commitment to our core values of innovation, health, compassion, and integrity.

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We are always seeking partners in supporting underrepresented communities. If you are or know about diversity businesses to support, please contact us.

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