Dentist Quality and Training

At Willamette Dental Group, quality of patient care is of utmost importance. That is why we work hard to employ and keep only the top quality dental providers in all of our 50+ office locations throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Online Patient Ratings & Comments

When selecting a dentist or specialist, it’s important to know who you are trusting with your care. That’s why Willamette Dental Group offers complete transparency of current patient experience ratings and comments for all of our dentists and specialists on our website.
In addition to patient feedback, our provider profiles paint a full picture of each dentist, including:

  • Professional Photo
  • Engaging Biography
  • Education & Training Information
  • Languages Spoken
  • Average Patient Star Ratings from NRC Health
  • A Rolling 12-months of Patient Comments
  • Office Location Information

Training & Mentorship

All new providers at Willamette Dental Group undergo an extensive four-month training program with mentors and clinical leadership. This structured program ensures all providers understand our treatment philosophy and are welcomed as a part of our practice. Each Willamette Dental Group office employs a managing dentist to continually provide mentorship to their dental team and ensure quality of care for each patient.

Quality in Credentialing

Willamette Dental Group follows the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards for all providers. Our clinical staff, including dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants, is subject to an extensive credentialing process prior to providing patient care. The purpose of this process is to:

  • Ensure that providers have the professional qualifications, licenses, certification and permits required
    by contract, state and federal laws and regulation
  • Promote the professional development and enhance the capabilities of Willamette Dental Group providers

Doctor Compensation

Our priority is patient care. Willamette Dental Group dentists are not paid for production. Typical fee-for-service dental practices compensate dentists with some component dependent on how many treatments are sold to patients.

Willamette Dental Group dentists are paid a salary, with several variables that reflect how well they practice evidence-based preventive dental health care, and how well they take care of their family of patients—not how much dentistry they do.

At Willamette Dental Group, it is not just the dentists who are paid this way. In order for the practice to provide the highest quality of care, the entire dental team must be working together to deliver excellent patient care. For this reason, all clinician and office staff have a portion of their compensation dependent on the delivery of high quality dentistry and not how much dentistry is sold.

Building Quality Teams

Willamette Dental Group consists of experienced providers with the expertise necessary to provide first rate proactive dental care. Our practice offers all dental specialties including general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery. Willamette Dental Group employs a fully-staffed professional recruitment team to search out the best talent possible to join our team and care for our patients.

A diverse array of candidates are surveyed from conferences around the world, new talent from dental schools and seasoned clinicians from private practices.

All candidate providers are subject to an extensive credentialing process, mentioned above, which includes a background check, peer references and state licensing.