Job Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check to see if a position is available?

All active posted positions are open for applications. To view current open positions, please visit our Career Center or you can use our main Careers page.

What is the status of my application?

You can check your candidate dashboard to see all positions to which you’ve applied and their current statuses. If you’re a Dentist, please check your Dentist candidate dashboard.

What should I expect during the application and interviewing process?

Our standard process entails:

  1. Candidate applies for position online
  2. Phone interview with Recruiter
  3. Online reference checking and collection of pertinent credentials and application materials
  4. In-person interview with Hiring Manager and/or panel interview with additional team members
  5. Paid Working interview for dental assistants and dental hygienists
  6. Offer of employment contingent upon background check and credential verification
  7. Background check to include Social Security Number verification, county & national criminal history, sex offender registry – additional background check components may be required depending on position
  8. Official offer letter sent

*Additional steps may be required for certain positions

When can I expect to hear from someone?

In most cases, our Recruiters will reach out to selected candidates within a few days. There may be times when this takes longer though, so please allow up to 1 week to hear from someone or receive an update. If you are not selected to move forward, you will receive notification within this same time frame.

Recruiters may reach out via phone call, text, or email. Please keep an eye on your spam/junk email to ensure you don’t miss any communication.

How do I know that you’ve received my application?

You will receive an automated message from our application system letting you know your information has been received. Please remember to check your spam/junk mail for this notification. You can also check your candidate dashboard to confirm the positions to which you’ve applied. If you’re a Dentist, please check your Dentist candidate dashboard.

I applied online and received a confirmation email, but I haven’t been contacted for an interview. What can I do?

Check your email again. Oftentimes recruiters will send status update notifications via email. These notifications may go to your spam/junk mail, so don’t forget to check there. Due to our high volume of positions and candidates, please allow at least 1 week for an update. You can also log in to your candidate dashboard to check your status. If you’re a Dentist, please check your Dentist candidate dashboard.

I’ve forgotten my password and/or user name. What should I do?

Use the “Forgot your password?” button on the login screen. Be sure to check your spam/junk email for the password reset instructions. If you’re a Dentist, you can request a new password here.

I need to update my resume or correct a mistake on my application. How can I do this?

Using the username/email and password that you created, click “Returning Candidate? Log back in”. This will take you to your candidate dashboard. From there click “Update your profile” or “Update your Quick Apply info” to make any changes. Dentist applicants login here to update your information.

I applied for a position, then saw another one posted that I’m interested in. Should I apply for that job as well?

Yes, definitely! We encourage candidates to apply for as many positions as they are interested in. If a Recruiter contacts you for a phone interview, you can discuss multiple opportunities.

There aren’t any open positions that I’m interested in. Can I still submit my resume?

Yes! Use the “Connect with Us” feature to submit your resume and contact information, and choose job categories that you are interested in. If you’re a Dentist, connect with us here.

I was not hired for a specific job. Will I be considered for other jobs at Willamette Dental Group in the future?

In most cases, yes! We typically receive many strong candidates for a single job opening and encourage you to apply again if you meet the qualifications of the position.

What’s the best way to stay updated on job opportunities at Willamette Dental Group?

Create an email subscription for job alerts. Once you’ve applied or created your profile, click the “Manage your email subscriptions” button to select your areas of interest. Be sure to keep an eye on your junk email folders in case the notifications are marked as spam by your email provider.

What if I no longer want to receive job opportunities at Willamette Dental Group?

You can unsubscribe to email subscriptions by logging into your account and clicking “manage your email subscriptions”. Uncheck the subscriptions you no longer want to receive. Please note if you choose “Unsubscribe from mass email communications” this will prevent you from receiving any kind of email from us, including interviews and direct email communication.

What kind of growth opportunities are there at Willamette Dental Group?

Growth opportunities are numerous and many of our management staff have been promoted from other positions. Examples include: Lead roles available in every practice, specialty practices provide the opportunity to learn new skills, hands-on management training program, Administrative Headquarters in Hillsboro offering various roles in a variety of departments. We encourage our employees to pursue their interests and grow within the company.

How does Willamette Dental Group define terms like “full-time”, “part-time”, or “on-call”?

Full-time is a set, regular schedule of 30 hours per week or more. Part-time is a set, regular schedule of less than 30 hours per week. On-call is fill-in/as needed and the number of hours can vary week to week based on employee’s availability and the needs of the practices.

What do I do if I’m having problems submitting my profile online?

You may contact us via email for assistance.