Community Contributions

Our Community Mission

Willamette Dental Group strives to be a compassionate community leader that is acting and responding to the needs of our employees, community, and business associates.

Contributions’ Direction

Willamette Dental Group directs its contributions to three primary areas:

  • Oral Healthcare Education Supporting Proactive Dentistry: educational oral health programs and services
  • Community Advocacy Supporting Proactive Dentistry: sponsorship of oral healthcare initiatives and events, and pursuits supporting Willamette Dental Group’s mission
  • Willamette Dental Group Employee Volunteer Services: support Willamette Dental Group employees through Willamette Dental Group Company sponsored programs

Willamette Dental Group accepts contribution and sponsorship requests throughout the year. Requests will be reviewed on a monthly basis and must be made 90 days prior to the event or subsequent due date. Only one donation request will be accepted per agency, per year. Please include the following in your request:

  • Company, group, or event name
  • Specific dollar amount requested
  • Agency’s current operating budget
  • List of major funding sources
  • A single page explanation of how the requested funds will support Willamette Dental Group’s Primary Areas of contribution
  • Contact information
We accept all contribution requests through our online request form, linked below.