Quality at Willamette Dental Group

Willamette Dental Group is committed to quality care and continuous quality improvement. Like health care itself, quality of care at Willamette Dental is at the foundation of our operations. We use a formal process composed of many factors to systematically monitor and evaluate the quality, appropriateness, efficiency, safety and effectiveness of the care we provide. Quality of Care is monitored and measured within our systems during each patient visit. This means that as a patient you benefit from our quality standards and receive personalized care tailored to your needs. Here are just a few of the factors that flow into our quality system.

Evidence-Based Standards of Care

Willamette Dental Group practices evidence-based standards of care. Our services are guided by the best research in dental treatment to ensure that you, our patient, receive the best and most effective personalized care.

Quality Through Listening to Our Patients and Employees

We listen to our patients. Our quality of care is not only in the hands of Willamette Dental Group – it is led by the feedback you provide to us on your patient experience. We have a partnership with an independent patient satisfaction company, NRC Health, to survey our patients on their experience with us. NRC Health is a recognized leader in the patient experience industry, partnering with more than 10,000 health care facilities in the United States. The results of this survey tell us how we are doing and your feedback guides our patient experience focus. Learn more about our patient satisfaction surveys.

Quality Through an Electronic Health Record

As electronic systems have transformed our society so too has the implementation of an electronic health records’ system (EHR) transformed quality and the ability to measure aspects of the care we provide. Embedded within the EHR of Willamette Dental Group is a system of measures that evaluates the care provided at each visit. This system helps ensure the most effective and personalized care is provided to each individual based upon their specific needs. Also embedded within our electronic system is a prescription medication module that protects our patients by guarding and warning of possible adverse medication interactions.

Quality Through Credentialing

Willamette Dental Group’s clinical staff, which includes dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants, is subject to an extensive credentialing process in accordance with the company’s Credentialing Policy. The purposes are to: (i) ensure that providers have the professional qualifications, licenses, certification and permits required by contract, state and federal laws and regulation; and (ii) promote the professional development and enhance the capabilities of Willamette Dental Group providers.

The Quality Improvement Committee

The Quality Improvement Committee exists to create formal processes to systematically monitor and evaluate the quality, appropriateness, efficiency, safety and effectiveness of the care we provide. All employees of Willamette Dental Group can bring ideas and concerns to the committee to help improve our patient care and experience.