Advancing Proactive Dental Care by Utilizing Electronic Dental Records

Technology has changed the way the world does business. It’s also made huge impacts in the field of dentistry. We’re already practicing using the latest scientific evidence-based treatments; it only makes sense that we track charts and records with the latest tools, too.

Willamette Dental Group utilizes Electronic Dental Records (EDRs) in all of our office locations.

Electronic dental records and prescriptions are integrated in all of our locations. This secure system provides additional safeguards to the prescription process for patients by querying a national database to check for possible interactions with other medications an individual may be taking and possible allergic reactions.

How do Electronic Dental Records benefit our offices and patients?

Advances Proactive Care

EDRs help us to practice our proactive philosophy better by allowing us to more accurately and efficiently measure the results of our treatment methods on our patients. This supports us by using scientific data to learn what is working best to maintain natural tooth structure – our ultimate goal.

Clinical Decision Support

Electronic dental records provide tools to our dentists to support their clinical decisions and ensure that those decisions are in line with the best available research and evidence for best practices. These support tools also allow our doctors to review global data from our patients to find trends and treatment outcomes that lead to improving patient care.

More Timely and Accurate Information

EDRs benefit everyone ensuring our patient’s dental records are completely up-to-date, error-free, and instantly available whenever or wherever they are needed and authorized. We don’t have to worry about hard-to-read handwriting, loose papers, or physically pulling or filing charts.

Faster Specialty Referrals

EDRs make specialty referrals faster as patients no longer have to wait for paper charts to be delivered to their Willamette Dental Group specialist. Patients have their dental procedures completed more quickly, minimizing time away from home and work.

Improved Patient/Doctor Interactions

EDRs allow a better visual of what’s going on with each patient’s oral health. This encourages an open dialogue between doctors and patients, providing a visible reference point to support discussion.

Future Links to Medical Records

EDRs allow the possibility for future secure exchanges of health information between Willamette Dental Group dentists and outside medical providers.