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Minimum of $15 an Hour for All Employees Announced

Company committed to supporting all employees

As a company devoted to the well-being of its employees, Willamette Dental Group announces it is raising the minimum hourly pay for all employees to $15.00 per hour. The new $15.00 benefits both part-time and full-time employees working in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and went into effect December 1st, 2018.

Willamette Dental Group has been committed to the Pacific Northwest for 49 years, providing compassionate oral healthcare through its dedication to proactive dentistry. Its success has been built on an unwavering dedication to its mission, core values, and standards of healthcare that put the people of those communities first, including its employees. The move to increase the minimum wage is indicative of a company whose commitment to innovation, health, compassion, and integrity are at the key to its business practices.

“Established nearly a decade ago, the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour in some communities, is not reflective of our commitment to our employee family. While the vast majority of our employees were already making over $15.00 per hour, we wanted all of our employees to be making what we acknowledge and hope will be the new standard for all communities,” said Dr. Nick Skourtes, assistant managing dentist, Portland Ore. “We are dedicated to each and every member of our team and would like to thank you, the employees of Willamette Dental Group, for helping us continue to be the employer of choice.”

Willamette Dental Group operates over 50 dental offices with more than 1,550 employees in locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. It supports a wide variety of staffing positions and is acutely aware of the needs of its employees and honors a desire to help them maintain earning a competitive income.

In addition to the hourly pay increase, Willamette Dental Group will continue to offer a complete benefits package including 401k with company match, competitive health and no-premium dental package, tuition assistance, and growth opportunities for higher earning positions. And Willamette Dental anticipates those benefiting from the pay increase will not have a reduction in hours.

Caring for employees is at the forefront of Willamette Dental Group. In 2017, it received the Employee Voice Award for Highest Level of Engagement from Quantum Workplace. Willamette Dental Group earned the award by focusing on a continual effort to be the employer of choice by its employees, providing best in class benefits and work-life balance opportunities that yield outstanding employee engagement and participation.

In the future, Willamette Dental Group will continue supporting a living income standard, excellent benefits, and a healthy and supportive environment for all employees. “Our dedicated employees make Willamette Dental Group the thriving, innovative and caring company it is today and the years to come,” Kris Holgerson, vice president of human resources for Willamette Dental Group.

About Willamette Dental Group

Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, Willamette Dental Group has been providing high-quality dentistry for 49 years. They are the largest multi-specialty group dental practice in the Northwest and operate more than 50 dental office locations throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Willamette Dental Group’s unique approach delivers proactive preventive dental care focused on promoting long-term health through a partnership with their patients.

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