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Springfield Offices Upgraded with New Specialty Office and Remodeled General Office

Continuous care for our patients in the Springfield/Eugene areas has been a priority for Willamette Dental Group since the mid-1990s. The two decades since has brought significant community growth. Our commitment to continuous improvements prompted by both population increases, and technology changes, shaped the planning and construction of our new Springfield dental specialty office, and a remodel of our general dentistry office in Springfield. This makes referrals from the general dentist to a specialist easier, and was one of the goals when the plans to improve our service in the Springfield/Eugene we formed.

“Our vision of creating a top notch, multi-specialty clinic involved a lot of collaboration with the general dentistry offices in the region,” explains Ashley Bridges, practice manager, Springfield Specialty. “We made it happen! This modern specialty office now serves the region with a periodontist, endodontist, orthodontist and oral surgeon,” she adds.

Convenience for patients was a key desire as well. The general dentistry staff feels fortunate to be so close to the specialty office, and patients appreciate it too. The remodeled space has comfortable operatory chairs along with a spacious and pleasant reception lobby that allows for effective conversations with Care Advocates. “We are excited about having more operatory rooms to serve more patients in a timely manner,” says Dana Keith Blunt, practice manager for Springfield General Dentistry office. “The refreshed public spaces are really nice too. It’s like moving from a one bedroom to a three bedroom!”

Patients in the surrounding communities are well served in this upgraded environment. The facility also meets the guidelines set by the American with Disabilities Act. Parking is plentiful and the office locations are easy to find. The Springfield dentistry and specialty offices are conveniently located at 2510 Game Farm Road, https://locations.willamettedental.com/or/springfield/2510-game-farm-road.html, and 2530 Game Farm Road, https://locations.willamettedental.com/or/springfield/2530-game-farm-road.html, respectively.

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