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Enhanced Safety Measures at Willamette Dental Group

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Willamette Dental Group has several health & safety enhancements and investments underway to ensure the protection of patients and employees.

First and foremost, Willamette Dental Group is following all CDC guidelines and in many cases, the company is going above and beyond minimum requirements as the safety of patients and staff is the top priority.

Safety enhancements include:



A robust PPE policy has been implemented requiring all staff to wear appropriate PPE as specified by job role and/or procedure. Additionally, N95 respiratory masks are custom fit for all clinical employees. These masks are the certified and preferred mask, as they are very efficient for filtration of airborne particles to protect staff and patients.

NEW! Enhanced Air Purification Systems

New medical-grade air purification systems from VidaShield are currently being installed in all Willamette Dental Group offices. This product removes 90% of airborne pathogens1 from the air and provides continuous ultraviolet protection by disinfecting the air against bacteria, viruses and fungi. All offices are scheduled to receive the new devices by the end of 2020.

NEW! Enhanced Suction System

Acquisition and installation of new high-speed evacuation (HVE) suction systems is in process for all offices. Several researchers have found that using HVE systems greatly reduces aerosols and spatter generated during routine dental procedures2. HVE has been proven to significantly decrease transmission of communicable diseases from patient to dental professionals through reduction of contaminated aerosolized fluids, up to 90%3.

Infection Controls

All Operatories are being fully disinfected following strict CDC guidelines for disinfection between appointments and appointments are strategically spacing throughout available Operatories to minimize potential exposure. The company’s procurement team is proactively acquiring ample surface disinfectants to ensure each office has an adequate supply during this period of high-demand.

Patient Mask Requirement

All patients are required to wear a facemask in the dental offices. If they do not have a mask, one is provided for them.

Screenings for Employees and Patients

When anyone, employee or patient, enters a Willamette Dental Group office, they receive a health screening, complete with a temperature check.

Social Distancing

All employees and patients are being asked to social distance, with 6 feet physical distance from others, while in the office. Posted signage, including floor decals, helps everyone keep a safe distance.

Limiting Visitors

Appointments are spaced out to reduce the number of patients in the office at any one time and only one person per appointment is permitted except for minors and patients who require assistance. Employee breaks are also spaced out to help everyone maintain social distancing guidelines.

In addition to these efforts, Willamette Dental Group is continually monitoring updates from the CDC and will make adjustments as necessary to policies, guidelines and equipment.

All of Willamette Dental Group’s committed health care teams continue to work together in support of these concerted efforts to keep each other and all patients healthy and safe.


For more information about safety protocols and appointment availability, please visit our COVID-19 patient frequently asked questions section of our help center.

Patient Information – Updated 8/5/20

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions


1Kowalski, W. Report on the Performance of the VidaShield™ System. Retrieved July 28, 2020, from https://vidashield.com/files/whitepaper/dr-kowalski-vidashield-final-report.pdf

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3Jacks ME. A laboratory comparison of evacuation devices on aerosol reduction. J Dent Hyg. 2002;76(3):202-206.

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