Pregnancy and Oral Health

If you are expecting a baby, it’s doubly important to practice preventive dental care.

When you are pregnant, your child’s health can be directly affected by your own oral health. There are a number of things you can do to help ensure wellness for both you and your baby.

Visit Your Dentist Early

Make a dental appointment soon after you learn of your pregnancy to make sure you are in good oral health. If you have untreated tooth decay, you may be putting your child at a higher risk for tooth decay. If you have active gum disease, there is an increased risk of premature birth and low birth weight. Be sure to tell your dental care team that you are pregnant, and if you are having morning sickness, bleeding gums, or any other changes in your health.

Helpful Tips by Text

Willamette Dental Group is proud to be a partner of Text4Baby, a program that provides free health tips for you and your baby by sending SMS text messages to your mobile phone. After signing up, you will receive three messages per week, customized for you based on your baby’s due date. The topics covered include immunization, nutrition, prevention of birth defects, and oral health. To sign up for Text4Baby, text BABY to 511411 for English, or BEBE to 511411 for Spanish.

Eating Right

Cravings for sweets are common during pregnancy, but try to avoid sugary snacks and drinks. A balanced diet is important for both you and your growing baby, and frequent snacking increases your risk of tooth decay.

Kicking the Habit

If you smoke or use tobacco in any way, quit immediately. In addition to saving your own health, quitting smoking lowers the risk of: birth defects; low birth-weight; pre-term labor; and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). When you are ready to quit tobacco use, let your dentist know — we are here to help. You can also call your local Quit Line for free information, referrals, and one-on-one counseling for you and your family.

  • Oregon, Washington, and Idaho Quit Line: (877) 270-STOP or (877) 270-7867
  • Spanish Language Quit Line: (877) 2NO-FUME or (877) 266-3865
  • Hearing Impaired Quit Line: (877) 777-6534